My voucher code won't work

If you have received a Boom Boom Go voucher code you can enter it when you check out to receive a discount on your purchase.

If you are seeing an error message when you have tried to do this, this could be for several reasons:

  • Make sure you have entered the correct code.
  • Some codes are set up to use once only, and will not work for a second purchase. 
  • Some codes are time-limited. The code may have expired.
  • The code may be valid only for certain courses that are not in your basket.
  • Some codes are redeemable on a first come, first serve basis with a cap on the total number of uses. 
  • Some codes are not valid with classes on sale. Make sure you don't have any sale items in your basket before using the code. You may need to add any sale items to your basket after you pay for other classes using your code.
  • Some codes work only for selected user accounts. If the code you are trying to use doesn't work then it may not have been issued to you. Or if you have set up more than one account with us then try logging out and logging in using your other account.
  • Some codes are set up to use once. If this code has been passed on to you by someone other than us, it is invalid to use it again. 

Check any terms & conditions attached to any code you have received to find out if any of the above apply to your voucher code error.


If you are still having problems, please email us at 

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